My Story

Hi my name is Danielle. I created this page after divorcing my husband of 20 years. We have three children between the ages of 9 and 17. We still want to be great co-parents to our children during this time of our lives. We were just not meant to be partners.

Besides discussing my life after divorce, I will also be mentioning my children. How they are handling the process and what I am doing to help. My newly single life involves my children of course. I would'nt bring around anyone that would make them uncomfortable.

I wanted other women to know that dating is still possible. Even if you have been married as long as  I was. No matter what age you are, you should still find happiness in your life. I will be talking about my many future dates. As well as some relationships lessons I have learned over the years.

Meet the Author


Danielle McCook

I first identify myself as a loving mom, however, I am also a freelance writer. I enjoy writing both casually and professionally. That is why I created this blog to share my experiences in my new life.  I hope all of you will support and laugh with me on my journey. With all the triumphs and struggles that I'm sure will accompany it.

I wouldn't consider myself a "mom" blogger but I do love my kids and brag about them often. "Youremyonlyhope" is an outlet for me to talk about my feelings when dating new people. Any bad first dates, no matter how ugly, will be documented here. Join me on this interesting adventure that is dating after divorce!