Dating After Divorce

The Dating Scene

The idea of dating after a divorce can seem like a scary idea. Especially when it has been many years since you’ve been on the dating scene. Things have changed since I’ve went on my first date with Al. Instead of thinking of those years as wasted, I prefer to look at it as life experience. I have been reading other blogging sites, and I wish I read the article about planning a cheap wedding before I met my ex-husband.

dating after divorce
Date Night at the Beach

Enjoy Yourself

Now that the part of your life is over, you should enjoy yourself. While there is a “mourning” period after a marriage ends, life does go on. Have some drinks with the girls, take a vacation, and indulge in some expensive chocolates. Why not? You could even use a cell phone spy app on your ex to see what they are up to. Are they meeting new people as well? Now you’ll know, if you want to.

Dating After Divorce

Going out dates with someone other than your former partner will be difficult. Learning a new persons habits and personality can be fun, but also confusing. When you are used to being around the same person, it will be an adjustment. However, think of all the other singles out there in the same predicament. They want someone to share their life with and go to dinner together.


dating after divorce
Go on a simple coffee date

Planning A Date

If your excited to go on these new dates but feel nervous then keep reading. Start off with something during the daytime, like a coffee date for instance. Getting a cup of coffee with someone is so innocent and makes for nice conversation. It is also safer to meet someone new during the daytime than at night. There are so many helpful articles for women online when it comes to tips for dating after divorce.

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